Civil-Military Cooperation Operator (CIMIC OP)

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Training overview


The Civil-Military Cooperation Operator course is one of Peace Support Training Centre’s specialty courses. Peace Support Training Centre prides itself to have a vast group of instructors with a wealth of knowledge in the Civil-Military Cooperation environment.


The aim of the Civil-Military Cooperation operator course is to enable Canadian Forces personnel to perform the duties of a Civil-Military Cooperation Operator in all types of operations. This could mean as a member of a Civil-Military Cooperation contingent or as individuals deployed within the air or maritime environments.

Training Audience

This course is specific to members of the Canadian Forces that are selected for employment in a Civil-Military Cooperation detachment, or a Civil-Military Cooperation unit in an environmental Civil-Military Cooperation standing force or training establishment. All members of every element (Regular or Primary Reserve) are eligible for the course.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

The prerequisites for the course are specific and only members that have met all prerequisites will be eligible to be loaded. The member must:

  1. be selected for employment in a maritime, air, or land deployed component Civil-Military Cooperation detachment, or a Civil-Military Cooperation unit in an environmental Civil-Military Cooperation standing force or training establishment; 
  2. hold the rank of Lieutenant or above for Officers
  3. hold Sergeant and above for Non-Commissioned Members
  4. be recommended by his/her Commanding Officer;
  5. be selected through a screening process;
  6. be medically and physically fit without restrictions in accordance with Canadan Forces standards;
  7. be able to communicate in the language of the International Community (English).

Kit List

Annex A

At a glance

Security Level: Unclassified

Serials per year: 2

Training days:
    Residency: 10

Student Load:
    Maximum: 32
    Minumum: 12

Upcoming Serials

01 APR
Civil-Military Cooperation Operator (CIMIC OP)

Ending: 12 April 2019



Joining Instructions

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Joining Instructions updated with PSTC's new location at 2 Cambrai Ave, CFB Kingston (Aug '17).

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