Civil-Military Cooperation Operator (CIMIC OP)

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Training overview


The Civil-Military Cooperation Operator course is one of Peace Support Training Centre’s specialty courses. Peace Support Training Centre prides itself to have a vast group of instructors with a wealth of knowledge in the Civil-Military Cooperation environment.


The aim of the Civil-Military Cooperation operator course is to enable Canadian Forces personnel to perform the duties of a Civil-Military Cooperation Operator in all types of operations. This could mean as a member of a Civil-Military Cooperation contingent or as individuals deployed within the air or maritime environments.

Training Audience:

This course is specific to members of the Canadian Forces that are selected for employment in a Civil-Military Cooperation detachment, or a Civil-Military Cooperation unit in an environmental Civil-Military Cooperation standing force or training establishment. All members of every element (Regular or Primary Reserve) are eligible for the course.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

The prerequisites for the course are specific and only members that have met all prerequisites will be eligible to be loaded. The member must:

  1. hold the rank of Lieutenant or above for Officers
  2. hold Sergeant and above for Non-Commissioned Members
  3. be medically and physically fit without restrictions in accordance with Canadan Forces standards;
  4. be able to communicate in the language of the International Community (English).

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