Individual Pre-Deployment Training (IPT)

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Training overview

The IPT conducted at the Peace Support Training Centre (PSTC) in Kingston, consists of 18 training days. It is an optimised training program based on the Canadian Army's Individual Battle Task Standards (IBTS) for Land Operations.


IPT reviews, and where necessary, teaches the individual skills necessary to appropriately respond to the intercultural and potentially hostile nature of a Land Based Operational environment. It does not provide mission specialist trade skills or a theatre­ specific collective training environment.

Operational Kit

Commanding Officers of tasked individuals are responsible for the 
administrative screening and preparation of their personnel. This includes the issuing of all required kit for the mission area. IPT participants are expected to arrive with their entitlement of operational personal protective equipment (PPE). This equipment is required for training. Full marching order (rucksack, sleeping bag, helmet, load-bearing vest, Fragmentation vest, Ballistic Eyewear, gloves and respirator) is required. PSTC will provide the weapons and Equipment Issued Separately (EIS: magazines, sling, etc.) required for the small arms ranges. 

Training Content

The training is geared to the Individual Battle Training Standards (IBTS) for Land Operations.  IBTS for Land Ops are Canadian Forces (CF) standards that are common to all members of the CF exclusive of occupation specific skills. Training includes Fire the Service Rifle and 9 mm  Browning Service Pistol, Convoy Drills, Perform Individual Field Craft, Navigate, Load Bearing March (LBM), Explosive Threat and Hazard Awareness, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness, Review Combat First Aid, St Johns Ambulance First Aid and CPR, Cultural and Language Awareness, Initial Operational Brief, Road to Mental Readiness (Stress Management), Preventative Medicine, Information Security, Conduct after Capture, Personal Conduct and Human Rights Awareness. All students will undergo all training regardless of prior IBTS training accomplished before arriving at PSTC.


Email MWO Teeple, JW, PSTC from a CAF workstation for access to mission specific materials. If you already have an account, material is searchable in our library.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

This training is specifically designed for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel for employment within a specific theatre of operation. In addition to CAF personnel, selected Department of National Defence (DND) civilian personnel may be tasked to undergo this training.

The only prerequisite for the IPT is to be selected and entered into the Canadian Forces Taskings, Plans & Operations (CFTPO) program against a position that PSTC is mandated to train. CF members loaded against these positions must successfully complete IPT in order to meet the training requirements for their deployment.

At a glance

Security Level: Mission-Dependent

Serials per year: 7

Training days:
    Residency: 19

Student Load:
    Maximum: 56
    Minumum: 25


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