Information Operations Officer (Info Ops)

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Training overview

This course is designed to enable personnel to perform Information Operation (Info Ops) Officer duties on international or domestic operations within a Head Quarters (HQ) and provide advice on the conduct and coordination of Info Ops and Info Ops policy.  In this course, students learn how to integrate all Influence Activities enablers such as Psychological Operations and Civil Military Cooperation with other activities (such as Public Affairs, Electronic Warfare, Deception, Cyber Operations) within a comprehensive approach in order to grant the commander a tactical advantage during operations.
The Info Ops course is advanced and challenging, and touches a multitude of subjects (Targeting, Key Leader Engagement, Info Ops Coordination Board, etc.  The course also addresses the Operational Planning Process (OPP). For candidates that have limited exposure to OPP, we start from the beginning with an introduction to OPP and include detailed lessons on the integration of Info Ops into the various stages of OPP.  The students then have the chance to practice aspects of the integration of Info Ops into the OPP during syndicate exercises, as they would in a HQ.  All exercises are syndicate based, and students learn from each other and collaborative environment.  Syndicate work is closely directed and guided by the Peace Support Training Centre instructors and international guest instructors, both with relevant operational planning experience. PSTC is able to attract talented foreign instructors in order to bring different operational experiences and perspectives to our training through our vast international network of contacts. The products that we expect students to deliver are progressive and emphasis is put on the process. The Canadian “Whole of government” approach is also addressed.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

a.   for Officers, be the rank of Captain/Lieutenant(N) or above;

b.   for Non-commissioned members, be the rank of Warrant Officer/Petty Officer First Class or above; and

c.   have a minimum Level II security clearance.


Joining Instructions

  Joining Instructions: Information Operations Officer (177KB)

Joining Instructions updated with PSTC's new location at 2 Cambrai Ave, CFB Kingston (Aug '17).

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