PSYOPS Analyst

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Training overview

The Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Analyst course is designed to produce an Analyst capable of identifying and defining the vulnerabilities and susceptibilities of an approved Target Audience (TA). The analyst uses a variety of sources to collect data when conducting analysis of a TA. This course explores various tools and techniques, such as the Target Audience Analysis worksheet (TAAWS), Analysis of hostile propaganda through the SCAME (Source, Content, Audience, Media, Effects) worksheet, questionnaires, interview techniques and focus groups within a PSYOPS context in order to contribute to the PSYOPS product development cycle in support of an operational Head Quarters. 

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

In order to be selected for this training the member shall meet the following prerequisites:

1.       be occupational qualified;

2.       be of Second-Lieutenant to Captain rank for officers; and

3.       be of Corporal to Warrant Officer rank for non-commissioned members.

At a glance

Security Level: Unclassified

Serials per year: 2

Training days:
    Residency: 15

Student Load:
    Maximum: 24
    Minumum: 6
    Optimum: 20

Upcoming Serials

13 JAN
PSYOPS Analyst

Ending: 31 January 2020

08 JUN
PSYOPS Analyst

Ending: 26 June 2020

22 FEB
PSYOPS Analyst

Ending: 12 March 2021



Joining Instructions

  Joining Instructions: PSYOPS (420KB)

PSTC Joining Instructions for PSYOPS Officer, PSYOPS Analyst and PSYOPS TACOP including Annexes found here. Updated Jan '19.

Delete and destroy all copies of PSYOPS Joining Instructions that are dated prior to Jan '19.

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