Psychological Operations Tactical Operator (TACOP)

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Training overview

PSYOPS Tactical Operators (TACOPs) are the vanguard of Psychological Operations forces. They operate as the eyes, ears, and voice of the battlefield Commander. TACOPS employ weapons of influence to create effects on the battlefield, across the full spectrum of operations, which far outweigh their relatively small team and limited equipment.

The TACOP course emphasis is on face-to-face influence, gathering and disseminating of info, tactical employment of PSYOPS equipment, and small team security tactics. Over the 15 day training schedule, students will benefit from the vast operational experience of PSTC staff and international guest instructors through theory lectures and practical demonstrations. PSTC is dedicated to providing excellent instruction, mentoring, and professional development, within realistic training environments, and augmented by professional actor/role-players. PSTC facilities are extensive, enabling world class PSYOPS Tactical Operator training that is consistently in demand by Canadian Armed Forces and our international allies.


Provide Canadian Armed Forces and allied students with the basic skills needed to perform the duties of a Tactical PSYOPS Team (TPT) Operator; through the instruction, demonstration, performance and assessment of TACOP tasks in support of full spectrum operations, and advising supported commanders on the tactical exploitation of factors on the psychological plane for mission success.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

Canadian Armed Forces students must hold the following prerequisites to attend the PSYOPS TACOP course at PSTC:

1.         Hold the rank of Cpl to WO for NCMs; and

2.         Hold the rank of Lt to Capt for Officers.

At a glance

Security Level: Unclassified

Serials per year: 2

Training days:
    Residency: 15

Student Load:
    Maximum: 24
    Minumum: 8

Upcoming Serials

17 AUG
Psychological Operations Tactical Operator (TACOP)

Ending: 04 September 2020

19 OCT
Psychological Operations Tactical Operator (TACOP)

Ending: 06 November 2020



Joining Instructions

  Joining Instructions: PSYOPS (420KB)

PSTC Joining Instructions for PSYOPS Officer, PSYOPS Analyst and PSYOPS TACOP including Annexes found here. Updated Jan '19.

Delete and destroy all copies of PSYOPS Joining Instructions that are dated prior to Jan '19.

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