Security Force Capacity Building (SFCB)

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Training overview

SFCB consists of activities that seek to develop and build the institutional and operational capabilities of foreign security forces, in order to create effective and legitimate security institutions and Foreign Security Forces (FSF).
Each SFCB programme will be tailored to meet the unique requirements, limitations, cultural and societal expectations of the indigenous population and the foreign security forces. The goal of SFCB is to develop a capable, accountable, self-sustaining, and credible force, and to be looked upon as legitimate by the population.
The building of capabilities for a FSF occurs through a series of stages. CAF personnel may be assigned to a FSF as an individual or in a small group, in order to assist with building, mentoring, advising, training or enabling FSF.  These SFCB tasks may be performed at different levels of command in the FSF. They may include building and training security forces at the tactical level and the development of security related government departments, strategic infrastructure and oversight of security forces at the operational or strategic level.

SFCB Stage: Resource, Generate, Employ, Transition, Sustain

SFCB Methods: Independent, Embedded, Integrated

SFCB General Tasks: Building, Mentoring, Advising, Training, Enabling

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

Canadian Forces personnel: Describe the required courses or circumstances that permit CAF soldiers to take this course. Specify a range of ranks, etc.

International guests: For courses that allow international students, specify that they need to belong to a military organization, give an equivalent rank or experience, etc.

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