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Truth is the first casualty of war: A brief examination of Russian Informational Conflict during the 2014 crisis in Ukraine

At the request of the Influence Activities Task Forces (IATF), this Scientific Letter (SL) briefly explores and examines the use of Informational Conflict (also known as Informational Warfare)1 by Russian and pro-Russian forces during the 2014 crisis in Ukraine, with particular attention being paid to key message themes as well as dissemination tactics. This SL is intended to be a limited examination of extant and emergent Russian Informational Conflict capability. As a result, it is particularly concerned with disinformation and propaganda aimed at, or targeting, Western audiences, including (but not limited to) pro-Kiev government forces and civilian populations in the Ukraine. This SL does not examine the use of Informational Conflict aimed at, or directed towards, Russian domestic audiences, nor will it provide a detailed or comprehensive examination of Soviet-era Informational Conflict. This SL is limited to Open Source (OS) information, as well as English and at-source English translated sources.

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